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Our services include the following:
Small & Large Limb Removal
Small & Large Stump Removal
Small & Large Tree/Limb Chipping
Small & Large Tree Trunk Removal
Tree Removal up to any height
Fallen Tree Removal
Tree Pruning, Care & Maintenance
Mowing, weed eating, leaf mulching & yard


Small Limb to Large Tree Removal - Cost Ranges from $50-$1500+

Every customer has different needs. These jobs can range from small limb removal to large trees up to 60 feet in height.

Small Stump to Extra Large Trunk Removal - Cost Ranges from $75-$500+

These jobs can range from small stump removal to a very large tree trunk removal. Each client project will require different needs.

Pruning, Care and Maintenance - Cost Ranges from $150-$350+

These jobs typically include minor tree pruning or bush maintenance. We do charge a small trip fee for travel over 30 minutes. A fee is also assessed for free estimates provided to clients that require 30 minutes or more of travel. 

Tree Sales, Delivery & Planting - Cost Ranges from $100-$500+

​These jobs include sales, delivery and planting new trees. Our trees range from 3-4 inches in diameter up to 10 inches and certainly strong enough to withstand typical Texoma weather. We've partnered with a local tree farm to provide you with the best quality trees possible. By getting trees locally we know they have been provided proper soil, irrigation, and environment during their growth. We offer several varieties of Ash, Cypress, Elm, Maple, Oak, Ornamental pear, Redbud and Willow.

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